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Artisan, small batch spiced rum

Crafted & bottled in South Devon, England

Our premium spiced rum is a unique blend of exotic pot and column distilled Caribbean rums from Jamaica and Guyana. We add natural Devon spring water here in the UK and infuse with natural aromatic spices and citrus zest. Hand-crafted and bottled in the heart of Devon

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Devon Rum Company

So here's the guys behind Devon Rum Company. Dave started the business in March 2020 (great timing Dave!) and Giles joined in August to head up sales. Dave and Giles both love Devon, the outdoors and rum; so that's a great start!


And whilst neither take themselves too seriously, what they are passionate about, is creating a great product and running a business that cares about the environment.

We set out to ensure that products and ingredients are sourced ethically, that all packaging is acquired from sustainable sources wherever possible and critically to us, that we use no plastics and all packaging is 100% recyclable. 

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"Time flies when you're having rum!"

Our Rum

Our rum begins life at 80% ABV, so we infuse the base Caribbean rum in vats with natural Devonia spring water to reduce the ABV to 40% and to create a unique soft blend.


The rum is then steeped in our own special recipe of natural aromatic spices, pepper and citrus zest, which gives the rum it's great taste and unique local quality.

Unlike many alternative spiced rums, we add no vanilla, sugar or colouring and have concentrated on the quality of our base rum, our carefully crafted recipe and sourcing quality natural ingredients to deliver this delightful spirit.

The result, a fantastic premium spiced rum, crafted and bottled in Devon and reflecting our heritage, lifestyle and love for the ocean. 

Tasting notes...

Bright burnt amber in colour, with aromas of charred orange peel, caramel, cinnamon and hints of cardamom. This is a drier rum, with a crackle of cinnamon, tangy star anise, followed with more citrus and a touch of maple syrup, finishing with a smack of zesty peppercorn.

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